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Introducing Self-Healing Wi-Fi

Elderly couple on computerThe modem/router in your home distributes Internet access to your wireless devices over a set of wireless standards we refer to as Wi-Fi. There are two frequencies that are used to communicate with wireless gear such as your iPad or Amazon Fire TV Stick, as well as a host of other devices.
The two frequencies each have some strengths and weaknesses. The 2.4 GHz frequency has been available for years and provides good coverage in your home or office. It does a good job penetrating walls and other structural objects, thereby providing coverage in multiple rooms as well as covering areas outside of your home. The speeds that this frequency supports are limited but often adequate for web surfing, watching videos and other basic internet usage. The 5 GHz frequency is a newer frequency that has become generally used as well. Its strength is greater speed. However, it does not penetrate walls nearly as well and therefore offers limited coverage in your home. Also, some older devices may not be compatible with the 5 GHz frequency.
Within these two frequencies are channels that can be utilized by devices to establish a wireless communication path within your home— for example, a security system, Wi-Fi extender, older cordless phone and Direct TV/Dish Network devices. Sometimes multiple devices are attempting to use the same frequency and channel, and you may notice something is causing your device to buffer or take a painfully long time to open web pages. We refer to this as interference. Your devices are interfering with each other and are struggling to operate properly.
Enter Self-Healing Wi-Fi from Ciello! We have recently deployed software in our network that can automatically detect these issues and fix them. Your router will select a communication channel for a wireless device that is not experiencing interference and automatically begin communicating with that device over the new channel. This feature will enhance your internet usage experience and ensure that each device in your home is getting the maximum speed possible.
There are times when in spite of picking the best frequency and channel you experience poor speeds, limited coverage or no connection at all in various parts of your home. This is when you need to contact Ciello so our tech support team can optimize your Wi-Fi coverage. In some cases, this may require one of our technicians to come out and add a Wi-Fi Mesh unit in your home to extend wireless coverage to those areas that are getting a poor signal. We offer a mesh unit that works seamlessly with the router in your home so your Wi-Fi coverage is optimal, and you can enjoy all the speed and reliability that our network provides.
Ciello is continually looking for ways to make your internet experience the best it can be! Self-Healing Wi-Fi is just another example of what we do every day to bring you the fastest and most reliable Internet connection possible.
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